Simplify your IT Tasks - User based Infrastructure Provisioning

Creating, installing, customizing and managing virtual machines is a lot of work.

We build a solution to automate all this and change the workflow to give you more time to solve the important problems.

The idea is called Self-Service

Allow your users to manage the infrastructure they need by themselves.

Our innovative group and rights management system allows you to restrict the amount of computing resources and access to clusters and networks.

This way you keep control over your infrastructure and give the solution to your users.

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Creating virtual machines gets easy, fast and only takes a few clicks.


Fully automated installation of operating system and software packages.


Fully configured virtual machines, perfectly customised to your infrastructure.

Self-Service - You Keep the Control

Our next level automation in combination with our intuitive UI ensures that the provisioning of systems can be done by the users themselves.

To make sure you always have control over your infrastructure, we developed a clever rights and group management. This allows you to perfectly control how many resources a group can use and what access to your infrastructure they have. Security is very important.

  • Create groups with resource profiles
  • Define the amount of virtual machines, CPU’s, RAM and Discspace for every group
  • Set the access rights to clusters and networks a group can use
  • Our software shows only the relevant information to the user depending on the group configuration

The work then is done by our automated provisioning process creating, installing and customizing virtual machines within your infrastructure.


Supported: VMware ESXI/VCenter
(Proxmox, Citrix, Xen)


Automated creation, installation and configuration of virtual machines


Simplify usability and integration in your systems using our REST API

Your Infrastructure is Safe

Security is a core concept of our software. The whole installation and customization process is done using our Dynamic-Image-Templating System creating the installation media.

This way we only need to communicate with your hypervisor API without needing access to particular networks of your infrastructure.

Your infrastructure stays safe.

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