The Fast Way to get your Infrastructure

Virtual machines are the best foundation for providing systems used for CI/CD, testing or development tools. No matter if it’s used for a software itself or a container based solution, virtual machines are the bread and butter of your IT infrastructure.

We provide you with at Self-Service solution automating the provisioning process of virtual machines. In collaboration with your IT you get a simple and fast solution to create IT infrastructure and save communication and time.

Our REST-API can be used to integrate our solution into your individual workflows or processes and allows to automate even more.

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Creating virtual machines gets easy, fast and only takes a few clicks.


Fully automated installation of operating system and software packages.


Fully configured virtual machines, perfectly customised to your infrastructure.

Self-Service - Reach your Goals Faster

Using our software you can create the infrastructure you need by yourself and whenever you need it.

Your IT department keeps control over the infrastructure and you get more flexibility. This saves time and communication.

This is done using our clever group and rights management. You can concentrate on the important parts of your work and get the needed infrastructure, whenever and wherever you need it.

The work is done by our automated provisioning creating, installing and customizing your virtual machine.


Supported: VMware ESXI/VCenter
(Proxmox, Citrix, Xen)


Automated creation, installation and configuration of virtual machines


Simplify usability and integration in your systems using our REST API

Process Integration using our REST-API

We created a REST-API interface for you to integrate into your individual processes and workflows to automate even more.



  • Dynamically create systems when you need them
  • Integrate the provisioning into your test workflows and create temporary systems for your tests to save your compute resources
  • Automate the provisioning of development-, test- or production-ready systems

This allows you to use your infrastructure more efficient.

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