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Our software automates the provisioning of virtual machines using your hypervisor infrastructure.

Automation is standard in hosting industry. An important part is the time investment for maintenance and development of your own automations costing a lot of money.

Our new innovative provisioning solution changes this. You can save money on maintenance and development while we do the rest.

Our steady improving software also provides you and your customers with new features in the future.

The integration into your existing processes can be done by using our REST-API.

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Creating virtual machines gets easy, fast and only takes a few clicks.


Fully automated installation of operating system and software packages.


Fully configured virtual machines, perfectly customised to your infrastructure.

Customization Starts at OS level

We support the following Operating Systems:

  • Debian 9/10
  • Centos 7/8
  • Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.04
  • Suse Tumbleweed
  • Scientific Linux 7

All needed installation media are customized and build at runtime for every virtual machine.

This allows for a high grade of customization, which we will evolve even more in the future.


Supported: VMware ESXI/VCenter
(Proxmox, Citrix, Xen)


Automated creation, installation and configuration of virtual machines


Simplify usability and integration in your systems using our REST API

Stability and Security - The Foundation for Customer Satisfaction

A stable software creates satisfaction for you and your customers. To ensure best quality we run tests twenty-four-seven and check that everything works as expected.

Security is a core concept of our software. The whole installation and customization process is done using our Dynamic-Image-Templating System creating the installation media.

This way we only need to communicate with hypervisor API without needing access to particular networks of your infrastructure.

Your infrastructure stays safe.

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