Next Gen Automation

Virtomize automates the creation of virtual machines. Your system is created and configured according to your specifications. We take care of installing and configuring operating systems. Installation media, ISO Files and Templates are managed, maintained and steadily improved by us.

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Multi cluster administration

You can manage multiple clusters with a single instance of our software. In the upcoming releases we will integrate more and more hypervisors to support even the diverse environments.

Intuitive UI

Our User Interface is designed to be simple and efficient. The intuitive design guides the user through all important functions. Using responsive design in combination with material UI allows our software to work great on mobile platforms.

Managing Your Rights

Create users for all your needs. Virtomize comes with a detailed rights management. This allows you to customize our software to the needs of your users. Decide who creates virtual machines, who create templates or can administrate the whole software. Our dynamic design concepts to ensure that users get only the information they really need.

Process Integration using our REST-API

Virtomize has a well documented REST interface. Using our API allows you to integrate the virtual machine creation into your individual processes.


  • Provide IT resources dynamically, fast and effectively when ever they are needed
  • integrate into task management systems
  • integrate virtual machine creation into your test processes and create temporary virtual machines
  • automate provisioning of customer, development or production ready systems

This safes your resources and allows your infrastructure to be even more efficient.

Automated Installation

We support the following operating systems:

  • Debian 8/9/10
  • Centos 7/8
  • Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.04
  • Suse Tumbleweed
  • Scientific Linux 7

We provide installation media and kickstart scripts for an automated installation of these operating systems. Our templating concept allows for a simple and fast installation and configuration of your virtual machine.

Steady improvements

For us efficiency is most important. That’s why we steadily improve our product. Take a look what comes next:

Upcoming Features