Today we released our 1.0.1 version of Virtomize. This includes some minor improvements and fixes. See our Changelog here.

Download our latest release .

Release 1.0.1 Changelog:

  • adding connection information to installed virtual machines
  • adding missing install webhook triggered when install begins
  • adding missing delete webhook triggered on vm deletion
  • webhooks will get triggered 5 times when the called system not respond with HTTP 200 until it fails
  • added more linux distributions:
    • ubuntu 18.04
    • ubuntu 20.04
    • SUSE Tumbleweed
    • Scientific Linux 7
    • debian 8
  • http to https forward
  • multiple UI bugfixes
  • improved API error handling
  • added favicon
  • UI text improvements for consistent naming and better understanding

What’s next?

Our next version will be the 1.1.0 release adding some cool new and beneficial features to the Virtomize.

Keep an eye on the Upcoming 1.1.0 blogpost.