We proudly present our newest release 1.1.0 . This release brings some major benefits for your. See our Changelog here.

Download our latest release .

Full Self-Service-Solution Release

The major benefit of this release is a bunch of features that bundled together gives your users the option to use Virtomize as a full Self-Service-Solution for providing virtual infrastructure.

This includes administrative resourcemanagement using group contingents in combination with our on[e]-click virtual machine self build system.

But we also have another piece of cake for you. Static infrastructure provisioning. Our new Image-Template-System allows us to create configurations for static configured networks. This allows you to build virtual machines in nearly every environment as long as the system has internet access.

Release 1.1.0 Changelog:

  • new installation via github in addition to virtual appliance
  • static network templating including prediction of next free IP address if a subnet only used for virtomize is provided to manage IPs
  • added cluster and network restrictions for groups
  • added contingent restrictions for groups allowing to set the amount of CPU’s, RAM and Storage being used by the group members
  • added edit virtual machines allowing changes for CPU and RAM size
  • added snapshot integration as well as changing hardware on a selected set of snapshots
  • added basic code infrastructure for upcoming notification system
  • added os minimum requirements as well as recommended settings for every OS
  • allow selection of thick or thin provisioning for the used storage of a virtual machine
  • added more install parameters to set locale, keyboardlayout and root password for installation

backend bug fixes

  • added missing api descriptions
  • fixed some bugs where not working callbacks break the installation process
  • fixed a bug where networks can be used by a cluster that doesn’t exist there
  • clean up all vm related objects when vm gets deleted

backend improvements

  • added more detailed backend api types timestamps
  • made some parameters for usergroups optional
  • improved log endpoint
  • improved general logging
  • rework of the permissions system
  • general api parameter type and naming improvements

ui bugs

  • update and delete webhooks now work properly
  • user and permission management now work properly

ui improvements

  • added custom ui callback
  • improved general logging
  • rework of the permissions system
  • option to edit templates even if no vm is created yet
  • license buy option included

What’s next?

Our next version will be the 1.2.0 release adding some cool new and beneficial features to the Virtomize.