This knowledgebase post is a Virtomize step by step guide about how to install Virtomize.

What installation to choose

Virtomize gives you multiple install options.

You can install Virtomize using our install scripts on github . If you want to install the system on your own, this is the most easy way to do it.

Another way is to use our pre build virtual appliance . Our virtual appliance is build on debian 10 using the install scripts from the first option. It is a pre build system that you can import on your hypervisor.


Checkout our Github page to read the latest documentation on our installation.

Virtual Appliance

Our Virtual Appliance can be found on our download page .

There are two ways to import your downloaded Virtual Appliance.

Import via GUI

Most hypervisors allow the import of Virtual Appliances directly via UI.


We recommend using CLI import using GOVC or OVFTOOL if you have problems importing using VMWare UI

Login to your VCenter and go to your cluster overview. Right click on your cluster and choose Deploy OVF Template.... Choose Local file and press on upload files and select the downloaded virtomize-X.X.X.ova file. Name your new virtual machine and select compute resources. In general 2 CPU’s, 4GB RAM and 30-100GB disc space will be enough to run Virtomize.

Import using cli tool

We often experienced issues using the UI method. If this is the case for you, try out the import using CLI tools. Sometimes UI imports just does not work or take a long time.


A detailed step by step guide for using govc to import a virtual appliance can be found on our documentation page .

You can find the latest prebuild binarys for govc here


Sometimes things don’t work as expected and if this turns out to be true in your case this section may help you out.

(VMWare) Selected OVA file is not a valid template


Selected OVA file is not a valid template.


First check if your downloaded ova file is corrupted. You can do this by getting the Sha1Sum or MD5Sum of the file and check if its the same as on our download page. If this does not solve your issue, please use the CLI import with govc to import our Virtual Appliance

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