This knowledgebase post is a Virtomize step by step guide about setting up your first cluster.

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Setup your first cluster

To setup your first cluster for use with Virtomize start logging in using default username and password .

If this is your first login, then read through our EULA’s and press accept. You will get the following form to to setup your first cluster.

setup cluster >

Name your cluster.

We recommend speaking names, that categorizes your infrastructure by architecture.


  • VMware-Cluster

or if you have multiple clusters:

  • VMware-Cluster-01
  • VMware-Cluster-02

or using purpose based names like:

  • Internal-VMware-Cluster
  • External-VMware-Cluster
  • IT-VMware-Cluster

Username and Password

Provide a user and password, that will be used for logging in using the hypervisor API. You don’t have to use a high privileged user, since our software only needs a small subset of permissions.

See our documentation for more details about specific permissions.

Cluster URL

Next step is providing a URL for your cluster, which is used for communicating with your hypervisor API. This URL should only contain the full qualified domain name (FQDN)

This is the same URL you use in your browser to manage your cluster.

There is no need to add additional pathing to the URL.

Most clusters use self-signed TLS certificates and if your cluster uses such a certificate too make sure to check “Allow Insecure Certificates”.

If you provided all necessary information, press submit and you should see your configured cluster.


Sometimes things don’t work as expected and if this turns out to be true in your case this section may help you out.

Lookup failure


Post "": dial tcp: lookup on no such host


If a lookup failure appears while setting up the cluster, check the following points:

  • Does Virtomize run in the same network as your hypervisor
  • We don’t need access to any of your other networks, except one that allows us to communicate to your hypervisor
  • Double check the url for typos
  • Check the protocol
    • In very few use cases, a cluster runs under http
    • If you can access your cluster using the provided url using https then use also https here

If nothing works please contact us so we can help you find and fix the problem.

Login failure


ServerFaultCode: Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password.


Double check the provided username and password. You can test them using the login screen of your hypervisor.

Not listed here?

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