This knowledgebase post is a Virtomize step by step guide for creating virtual machines.

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Create your first virtual machine

Go to your Virtual Machines tab and click on create on the bottom right. The New Virtual Machine dialog will pop up. You can create virtual machines in two different ways.

Use your templates

The first and easiest way is to just select a predefined template. This will prefill all values except the name as well as setting up networks. Give your virtual machine a name. If nessesary change the hardware and/or network configuration.

Under Advanced Settings, you have some options to customize your virtual machine such as setting a proper password (if not the default password virtomize is used), as well as choosing language and keyboard layout.

Press save and our software will start to create, install and configure your virtual machine.

On average an install takes about 15 minutes which depends on the selected operating system. Some install faster than others.

Create from scratch

The second option is to not select a template and instead select an operating system. Depending on the operating system, the hardware configuration will be prefilled with recommended values.

Same procedure as in the first case, name your virtual machine and change hardware if necessary.

Your virtual machine in will not have any networks preconfigured. Select at least one network. You can also select multiple networks. One of your configured networks need to have internet access or the system can not be installed.

Proper virtual machine names

A few words about naming your virtual machine. The name of your virtual machine will be used by Virtomize as the hostname of your system and follows a few rules defined in different RFC’s (RFC 1178 , RFC 952 ,RFC 1123 , RFC 2181 ).

Therefore, the name of your virtual machine can only contain a-z, A-Z, 0-1 and -. It can not be longer than 62 characters and may not begin with a minus.

Also checkout our post on how to name a virtual machine.


Sometimes things don’t work as expected and if this turns out to be true in your case this section may help you out.

Not enough contingent


... contingent exceeded insufficient contingent to create vm


The group your user belongs to has a defined maximum of CPU, RAM and Discspace which is calculated as the sum of all virtual machines belonging to this group. Your virtual machine exceeds this maximum and therefore can not be created.

Make your virtual machine to fit in the restrictions of your group contingent or contact your administrator to increase your group contingent values.

Virtual machine with same name already exists


vm with same name already exists


A system with the same name already exists. Please choose another name for your virtual machine.

Minimal hardware requirements


OS requires a minimum of ... configuration is insufficient for os


To make sure all operating system install properly, we enforce a minimum hardware configuration. The minimum requirements depend on the selected operating system. Make sure you fulfill the minimum hardware requirements.

Installation failed


The installation failed and the system does not work properly.


This can have multiple reasons.

Check the following list:

  • does the internet connection of the configured networks work properly
  • check the hypervisor logs for strange behavior regarding your virtual machine
  • try installing the system again and watch the installation in your hypervisor virtual machine console to get more information about the error

If you cant fix your problem, feel free to contact us.

Not listed here?

If you have a problem that’s missing here and belongs to this section please contact us.