This knowledgebase post is a Virtomize step by step guide about how to use templates.

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Using Templates

Templates allow you to store a specific configuration to be reused while creating virtual machines. This can be very helpfull when having specific configurations that occure more often.

By default our software generates a few profiles for you. These profiles contain all combinations of operating systems and single networks.

Make your own

If you want to build virtual machines that have multiple networks or a very specific hardware configuration it makes sense to create a template to safe time in the future.

You can find all your templates on the Virtual Machines page using the Templates tab on top left of you screen. Clicking the tab you get a list of existing templates. You can click a specific template to get more information about it, as well as edit or delete it. Also you can apply the template from here to create a virtual machine using this template.

On the bottom right you find the create button allowing you to setup a new template.

The template configuration is the same as the virtual machine configuration. Just configure it to fit your needs and press save.

Your newly created template will now show up in the list. It will also be in the searchable list of templates when creating a new virtual machine on the Virtual Machines tab.


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